the way you work

as a Remote Team

RemoteCamp workshops give you personalised guidance that help your team cultivate a remote culture for you to thrive as a remote team. We help you work better - and happier - together, remotely.
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The RemoteCamp Framework
Together we will identify your organization’s remote capabilities and give you the most effective strategies for your team to eliminate the biggest collaboration stressors.
Culture & Goals
See how equipped you and your team are to drive the company vision in an output-based culture.
Communication Capabilities
Communication is key. Get to know how well your team handles communication in a remote setup.
Collaboration Models
Understand what is needed for your team to do their best work together when apart.
How clear are your documentation guidelines and how good are at adhering to these?
People & Setups
Your team is your gold. We’ll help you know how well equipped they need to be to be able to give you their best.
Tool Stack
Using the right tools is essential for running a remote company. Find the ones that suit your needs.

The Remote Readiness Quiz

How easy is remote work going for you? Take the quiz to find out!

Remote Starter
We help you set up shop if you’ve never worked remote before
Onboard your team to a remote-first environment
Get a personal prescription for the right remote tools for your company
Ensure productivity stays high by promoting communication and individual accountability
Remote Pro
If you’ve already started working remote, we’ll help you do it better
Identify room for improvement in productivity within and between teams
Discover new ways to optimize processes for a remote environment
Level up your team synergy with the best practices for peak collaboration

Working remotely benefits


Proven higher productivity
Better employee retention
Happier and more efficient teams
Cut costs on office space by 80%
Lower your carbon footprint
Hire talented people globally

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Remotecamp offers
Remote Workshop
Remote work onboarding workshop for teams to work effectively and efficiently
Remote Tool Stack
Recommended remote tools stack, tailored for your team setup and budget
Remote Manifesto
The best practices for remote teams customized to your company culture